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Marketing Automation Trends of 2019 to trigger market value

by mybizcatalyst July 07, 2018
Marketing Automation

2018 is soon going to an end and 2019 will mark the dawn of the new beginning. The time is changing rapidly and so is the marketing automation trends. Hence, it is the need of the hour to gear up your business value and build your presence in this transition phase of the market.

The Marketing Automation Software Market is growing at 8.55%, unlocking a market capitalization of US $5.5 billion by 2019. According to research, more than 51% of companies are using Marketing Automation already, and 58% of industries like healthcare, IT, ITES companies are planning to adopt the technology.

Without further ado, here are the top key trends of 2019 to trigger market value:

1. Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring is a tool that takes into account different factors like behavioral data, demographics, social information, blogs about your company and assigns a score using these factors. This score is used to predict whether the lead is qualified or not.

Using qualified leads, we can deliver and create the right content through various promotional channels and accordingly target the right people. This is very useful in case of targeting sector-based companies or demographics-based companies.

2) Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are living with innovative technologies on our fingertips which has to be utilized efficiently. The impact of AI on social media listening and lead nurturing is tremendous. Incorporating machine-based decisions in our business will open up new opportunities in the market for our business.

AI tracks user’s behavior, requirements, and needs. So, whenever the same user requires something, it will automatically connect the brand with them, which is, manually not possible to keep track every time. With AI, marketers can target the right people at the right time and build infinite audience segments.

3) Personalized Content

Content is the driving force behind the growth of any business. By combining user attributes, behavior, past purchase data, social listening, marketers can build user’s profile and accordingly target with the relevant content to enhance the growth of business.

There are many tools like Optimizely Personalization, Adobe Target, Marketo etc. that can be used with ease for the same. Content marketers can develop specific content for a specific market and display the same to website visitors using these tools.

4) Use of Chatbots

In the coming years, smart chatbox will play a crucial role in lead generation. Smart chatbox is the ones which can analyze user’s needs and requirements, and can engage the user with the brand.

According to research, over 60 percent of users who received a chatbot ping on Messenger have engaged with the message. Now, the integration of AI with this chatbox can easily boost this percentage. With 2 billion messaging app users in 2018, this number will continue to grow in 2019 and hence, chatbox will have a huge potential.

5) Integration of Cross-Channel Marketing

For the marketers, the cross-channel marketing strategy is most likely to be successful rather than working on solo strategy. Incorporation of multi-channels like mobile marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing will engage the right users with the brand and will lead to increase in sales.

According to research, brands that engage clients through multiple-channels see a loyalty retention rate of 89%. For example, if someone has collaborated with an IT company, then he/she is most likely to collaborate with the same company in future. This always ensures an exponential growth in company’s client list.

6.) Summing It Up

Time flies by and it’s easy to get lost in the blur but those who plan for the future are more likely to win in the long race. Hence, it is the right time to plan for these future software marketing automation techniques.

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